Monday, May 9, 2016

Mintest (The neat Minecraft clone)

So now that all the Minecraft frenzy has died down, or at least leveled out. It's seems safe to talk about a new game called Minetest. Why? Well as you can see from the name. It is most definitely a Minecraft clone and a pretty decent one at that.

Why in the world would I be interested in a game like this? Well maybe you yourself haven't' gotten around to playing the famous Minecraft and don't feel like shelling out dough to try it out. Or perhaps you want to play Minecraft with all your "real" friends who don't have Minecraft and don't plan to buy it. Or perhaps you're just an open source fanboy who love C programming.

Whatever the reason, I would highly recommend trying it out as it's lighter on resources than the java based alternative and though not as polished, you can still build block related structures. Minetest also scales up really well (I've installed it on a netbook as a server) and has been improved over the years. There used to be no sound, bugs when random blocks would disappear, pirate looking player models and no moving water. but now we've got a decent clone.  Playing on your own is definitely not as fun as enjoying it with your friends so setup a LAN party, blast some C418 soundtracks and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Star Wars Episode I in 3D.

So as many people thought it would happen and it did, the Star Wars movie came out in 3D. Well, as far as we've heard, all the SW movies are to come out in 3D, if they'll make more, who knows, I can only wish (Me and millions of others). But that's not the point, the point of this blog post, is.... Is it worth it to go the the theatre and watch this movie again in 3D? The answer depends on you.

Question #1
Have you seen Episode 1 recently? Maybe Would you watch it again on DVD without 3D? If you have a hankering to see the movie again no matter what media it's on. Then you should definitly go see it. Not only is the quality of the movie better, like HD and clarity, but the 3D really adds a nice depth to the picture and makes it more enjoyable.

I'm not going to lie to you. It's not going to be the sort of obvious 3D that sticks out at you are makes you go WAHH! AWESOME!!! It's the kind that makes movie better to watch, kind of like upgrading from DVD to Bluray.

And even though it was not filmed with 3D motion picture in mind, it seemed very cool the way it was done, the blurry characters in the background and clear in the front, unlike the new movie movies made nowadays where everything's clear and you don't know what to focus your eyes on, this one made it easier to watch with less headaches, though my friends still had to take 3D breaks. I guess I have a lower framerate or something.

I went on a Monday afternoon with some friends to go see it (the theatre was so empty! No joke like 10 people), and it was nice to watch it alone with my pals, we got to notice some details that got past us in the dvd version, such as Obi-wan using Force Persuasion to get a free ship from the Gungans to leave the city without dying, those white little robots that picked up the droids after the battle, and 3D Yoda, though I beleive the Puppet was a better actor, new CGI yoda was better looking. But now that I think about it, but we would have rather watch Episode 2 or 3 in 3D. Personally I like all the prequels equally. But man it was good to watch Star Wars in theatres for the first time.

Note: According to some unreliable sources on the internet, the SW movies 1-6 will released once every year in 3D.

Unreliable source here:

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Humble Indie Android Bundle

The newest Humble Indie Bundle is out! This of course is a pay what you want for a couple of Indie games that are really good and supported across multiple platforms. World of Goo, Osmos, Edge, Anomoly! The main advantage for this Bundle is that all these games are available for Android Tablets and your Android Phone! And they can be bought for like 5$ all of them. Pay less and you don't get messy with Goo.

Some of these are old, like World of Goo came out years ago, but that's why it pays off to wait until games are cheaper right? Now is the time.

World Of Goo and Osmos were previously on older Humble Bundles, so if you missed those, you can buy now, or give it to someone else and feel less bad about pirating it. World of Goo, is famous for its 90% piracy rate, I'll admit some of that is partly my fault, but in my defense those people don't even play the game, I gave it to them because I though they would like it, but they didn't, It's a good game nevertheless no matter what.

The new ones (new to me) Edge: Seems like a block game that has to manuever a course and stay alive. Looks fun, will play today. Update I played and Here is a preview Video. 

 (Did I mention you could also play this on your phone?!)

Osmos is one I only have about 1 hour of playtime on it, it's ok, but not my type of game, too relaxing. But it's pretty!

And Anomoly, A reverse tower defense game, according to the box, never played it, I will get around to it one day. It also looks like a not-cheap game!

I would like to say much more in this blog post, but there is nothing much I can say about it that has not been said, except for Buy it now! Whatever you pay for it, I'm sure it's worth it, but please don't buy it for just a dollar, pay a little more and enjoy some good games.

Plus you get all the game's soundtracks for free! Edge Soundtrack seems to have a good techno sound to it. So that alone makes it worth it! Well for me since I like that kind of music.

So buy the game soon before the Humble Bundle ends! I got it in hopes that my gifted android phone can play at least one, poor old thing. Either way I'm saving those APKs in case I come into a tablet. And yes, there are many ways to get the games installed on your android device.  

Remember these games are DRM free, so it may be tempting to pirate these by sharing the links, but please don't. Do it the old fashioned way and face to face pirating.  Just kidding, don't do that either it's against the law I think. OK until next time! Stay Alive!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


  After buying the game, and hopefully giving you enough time to buy it as well Available for a short while on (, I decided to play it and review it. I would have written this a lot sooner, but I was too busy playing Need for Speed World. (Crazy fun by the way, as long as you don't sink any money into it) Besides that, I will do a blog post on that NFSW for my gaming blog which is still somewhat dead now but will be revived soon. My point comes now.  

Let me describe the story. You are a random robot dropped into a world where meanies voxelate out of the ground with olny one purpouse, to attack you. You only have your pea shooter that only likes to be shot at a certain angle and power ups that you have to find all over the course. And you get past levels and courses that really test your skills. I think of it like paintball, but with cooler graphics, not better, but cooler. You can create your own levels and play them to, or download other people's levels. from the site.

  Below is a video of me playing the arcade mode. I downloaded the portable version to play on my work laptop and test it out. The game is super small and I'm amazed at how quick it is to load as well. Unfortunately my laptop crashed after filming for a couple seconds everytime, darn you weak Intel laptops!

  So only this shot came out, though I have better footage, it just didn't record well. The newer version of Voxatron that came out a couple days ago now includes mouse controls so you can play with the mouse and I like that much better than the keyboards, if they every come out with a game pad control options that would be sweet too.  Tha gameplay is fun. Though to be honest I only have like 30 minutes under my belt playing this game so I don't know if I'd get tired of this, I don't think so, I would probably try and finish the game before getting tired of it. 

  This game is Alpha so it's not completely finished yet, but really I didn't notice any bugs or sign of unfinished ness, this game seemed very well polished and clean. But clean as many random blocks or "voxels" everywhere can get. 

  Normally I would provide a link for you to download this game, or maybe even offer you a torrent. But come on! All you need is a dollar and you can play the game. if you are that cheap to not even pay a dollar of your hard earned money to hard working indie developers, you do not deserve to play this game. Pay 5$ more and you get two more. I played Blocks that Matter once, it was fun and added tetris block building to the game while trying to run from a blob. Very different from Voxatron of course so once you finish one, start on the next one. The Binding of Isaac was a little weird and dark and gross, but fun, I still didn't like it, but if you're into that stuff, you'll love it. The movement was similar to Voxatron but with more movement allowed for shooting tear drops.  I do hope this encourages you to buy these games, even with Skyrim and Battlefront 3 comming out, save some time for casual gaming.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to run Star Wars Dark Forces on Ubuntu Linux

Why am I doing this? Did I not cover this in my second to last post? Not really. I left it to most of you to figure that out on your own, but now, how do I play that Dark Forces Game? Well I use Linux, mainly Ubuntu and Debian, but let me show you the easy way to get this game going. For all you Linux gamers out there.

Step 1: Download the game I've prepared.!187&authkey=!AJPZaA-EDD_QSyo&ithint=file%2czip

Step 2: On your Ubuntu or Debian Machine, Install Doxbox from the software center. Or Terminal if you're cool enough.

Step 3: Extract the downloaded folder into your home directory, this will make it neat and easy to locate.

Step 4: Open up a terminal and type dosbox (Drag the game folder here)

Step 5: Type dark\dark

Step 6: Game should start, if not then press C  This will let DosBox know to look in the main game folder for the files in the C drive.

Below is a video how I did it.

Enjoy any questions ask me, sorry about no sound I did this at school on a laptop I just recently fixed. and yes I know the resolution is low. Watch fullscreen

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Logitech Driving Force GT

Also known as the Gran Turismo wheel. Made for the PS3 and GT5 this wheel is awesome! Now if you are thinking about getting one because you are tired of playing with a controller, or maybe you want some more realism in there, this is the wheel to get. Also for 130$ great deal, plus very fun to drive with it's 900 Degrees steering. What turns some people off is the force-feedback but you can always turn that off. Now I'm not going to review the wheel, there are like a million videos and blog posts that do that. What am I going to do then? Let Me tell you about how it went with me.
 Here is what i bought used from Amazon, yes I'm that cheap. Now my biggest worry was if this wheel would run under Linux. Yes you heard me right, I am a Linux gamer. Well after reading much on forums I found out that many people had trouble with this wheel under Windows! You need to download drivers for this wheel to work properly under Windows. The Logitech site provided the drivers one might need, the software looks bulky an unnecessary, but worked well for Windows 7. Some people say this wheel is really meant for Play-station and was given PC compatibility as an add-on. So I wasn't expecting it to work right under Linux when i got it. That's what dual-booting is for.

So how does the Driving Force GT run under Linux? As my test rigs, I had Linux Mint Debian 2.6.38 Kernel and Ubuntu 10.04 2.6.31 Kernel. They both took the wheel the same, only 200 Degrees of steering, I could not use the shifter knob and the foot paddles acted as one axis. Meaning that under Linux this is only a 2 axis wheel. (think joystick, up=gas down=brake left/right=obvious) The Logitech DFGT goes under a fallback mode when no drivers are available, so that explains a lot. (Right Paddle - R3 - Select, does not unlock it, at least under Linux) Also Force Feedback is a maybe on some games and sometimes works, I tested Live For Speed and Nascar 2003 Season (Papyrus) if works but when I had Force Feedback enables, the wheel would shift the the left and basically act like a stubborn mule. If the wheel turns one way when you race i would highly recommend you remove force feedback within the game, not sure if it was a Wine Issue on Linux or the wheel itself, but removing force feedback would allow you to race comfortable under Linux. (problema solucionado!) (Note! Once and only once for some strange reason the wheel worked 900 degrees under Linux! the shifter knob worked too but the Force Feeback did not, after a while it went back to normal, weird)

 Besides games under WINE, this wheel plays well under native Linux games, like Speed Dreams, Vdrift, TuxRacer, Tileracer, FlightGear and the list goes on. (Note- you will still need to calibrate and change some really detailed settings in most games to get the wheel to work right, EG Vdrift needs to know that the gas pedal need gain... you know the drill)

All in all, this wheel performs like a 50$ wheel under Linux, you can mod the kernel to unlock the 900 degrees and use the shifter, but i don't have time for that. It works and it's still fun, but to fully enjoy the wheel, means it has to be played on windows. Pishaa! Like that's going to stop me. I played Tux Racer for a while on Ubuntu (A penguin that slides on his belly down the hill.)

(note, when my Nascar-enthusiast friend saw this he said, "What a waste of a wheel.")

Now under Windows is a different story. After downloading and installing the latest drivers for Windows 7 32 bit (took forever!), I still could not use all 900 Degrees. I had to use the Windows calibration and in there Logitech kindly hid the 900 degrees lever. (It's under Settings!) I moved it to a comfortable 800. The wheel performed like a dream and so well that my friend bought the same wheel like 2 days later.

We are both not rich, and this 130$ (100$ used on Amazon with Shipping incl.) wheel hits just the spot for us Sim racers. Otherwise we would have bought the G27, but reality it is. Having tried the G27, this wheel is a very well deserved 2nd place. The only thing my friend didn't like is the lack of a clutch, yes he's a drifter. I use auto but the only thing I didn't like was the lack of Shifter paddles, if you look closely there are not paddles but buttons hidden behind the wheel, I use Formula cars so shifter paddles for me is nice when the auto tranny won't shift up.

Either way can't complain too much because I Love it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Star Wars Dark Forces

How many of you guys like Star Wars? I do! And well, even if you may not be such a huge fan, you may like this game. Star Wars : Dark Forces is similar to DOOM in some ways, minus the fact that there is no multi player, this games is still better that DOOM in the sense that there is up and down look, and more movements, there are also multiple levels that are not only big, but also go up higher and lower levels. Now I may not be good at explaining, but I only discovered this game a long time ago at a thrift store far away. It was in a set called the LucasArts Collection, I have set #2 and #3, I'm only missing #1 but I'll find that some other time. And well, even though it looks like DOOM and plays like it, it's a game all it's own, it's not about finding keys and killing bad guys, rather, you have to use your brain to get the the next level, figure out the maps, mazes and puzzles. And there's some shooting in there too.

This Dark Forces games is one that started it all with the Jedi Knight series, and even though here in this one, there is no real Light-saber action, you can still enjoy the FPS Shooter style this games has. Later games in the Jedi Knight series get better, and so much better, I don't know why they stopped making them like this.

This may not be my favorite Star Wars Game, but it's just the one to get started with. This sets the overall tone for the next games I will be bringing about. If you want to download it and try it out. Get it here,!187&authkey=!AJPZaA-EDD_QSyo&ithint=file%2czip
This will be in a ZIP folder, it's a small game, but may take a long time to beat. This game will install well under Windows XP and if you need some help installing it. See this guide. It recommends installing using DOSBox and I would too, but if you can figure how to make it run naively on your own machine, that's great too.

I have not yet been able to beat this game, I keep getting stuck on a level with many doors and they close before i can get to them. So tell me if any of you even beat this game, it's not for the faint of mind!