Wednesday, November 9, 2011


  After buying the game, and hopefully giving you enough time to buy it as well Available for a short while on (, I decided to play it and review it. I would have written this a lot sooner, but I was too busy playing Need for Speed World. (Crazy fun by the way, as long as you don't sink any money into it) Besides that, I will do a blog post on that NFSW for my gaming blog which is still somewhat dead now but will be revived soon. My point comes now.  

Let me describe the story. You are a random robot dropped into a world where meanies voxelate out of the ground with olny one purpouse, to attack you. You only have your pea shooter that only likes to be shot at a certain angle and power ups that you have to find all over the course. And you get past levels and courses that really test your skills. I think of it like paintball, but with cooler graphics, not better, but cooler. You can create your own levels and play them to, or download other people's levels. from the site.

  Below is a video of me playing the arcade mode. I downloaded the portable version to play on my work laptop and test it out. The game is super small and I'm amazed at how quick it is to load as well. Unfortunately my laptop crashed after filming for a couple seconds everytime, darn you weak Intel laptops!

  So only this shot came out, though I have better footage, it just didn't record well. The newer version of Voxatron that came out a couple days ago now includes mouse controls so you can play with the mouse and I like that much better than the keyboards, if they every come out with a game pad control options that would be sweet too.  Tha gameplay is fun. Though to be honest I only have like 30 minutes under my belt playing this game so I don't know if I'd get tired of this, I don't think so, I would probably try and finish the game before getting tired of it. 

  This game is Alpha so it's not completely finished yet, but really I didn't notice any bugs or sign of unfinished ness, this game seemed very well polished and clean. But clean as many random blocks or "voxels" everywhere can get. 

  Normally I would provide a link for you to download this game, or maybe even offer you a torrent. But come on! All you need is a dollar and you can play the game. if you are that cheap to not even pay a dollar of your hard earned money to hard working indie developers, you do not deserve to play this game. Pay 5$ more and you get two more. I played Blocks that Matter once, it was fun and added tetris block building to the game while trying to run from a blob. Very different from Voxatron of course so once you finish one, start on the next one. The Binding of Isaac was a little weird and dark and gross, but fun, I still didn't like it, but if you're into that stuff, you'll love it. The movement was similar to Voxatron but with more movement allowed for shooting tear drops.  I do hope this encourages you to buy these games, even with Skyrim and Battlefront 3 comming out, save some time for casual gaming.