Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Star Wars Episode I in 3D.

So as many people thought it would happen and it did, the Star Wars movie came out in 3D. Well, as far as we've heard, all the SW movies are to come out in 3D, if they'll make more, who knows, I can only wish (Me and millions of others). But that's not the point, the point of this blog post, is.... Is it worth it to go the the theatre and watch this movie again in 3D? The answer depends on you.

Question #1
Have you seen Episode 1 recently? Maybe Would you watch it again on DVD without 3D? If you have a hankering to see the movie again no matter what media it's on. Then you should definitly go see it. Not only is the quality of the movie better, like HD and clarity, but the 3D really adds a nice depth to the picture and makes it more enjoyable.

I'm not going to lie to you. It's not going to be the sort of obvious 3D that sticks out at you are makes you go WAHH! AWESOME!!! It's the kind that makes movie better to watch, kind of like upgrading from DVD to Bluray.

And even though it was not filmed with 3D motion picture in mind, it seemed very cool the way it was done, the blurry characters in the background and clear in the front, unlike the new movie movies made nowadays where everything's clear and you don't know what to focus your eyes on, this one made it easier to watch with less headaches, though my friends still had to take 3D breaks. I guess I have a lower framerate or something.

I went on a Monday afternoon with some friends to go see it (the theatre was so empty! No joke like 10 people), and it was nice to watch it alone with my pals, we got to notice some details that got past us in the dvd version, such as Obi-wan using Force Persuasion to get a free ship from the Gungans to leave the city without dying, those white little robots that picked up the droids after the battle, and 3D Yoda, though I beleive the Puppet was a better actor, new CGI yoda was better looking. But now that I think about it, but we would have rather watch Episode 2 or 3 in 3D. Personally I like all the prequels equally. But man it was good to watch Star Wars in theatres for the first time.

Note: According to some unreliable sources on the internet, the SW movies 1-6 will released once every year in 3D.

Unreliable source here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/star-wars-3d-george-lucas-289377?page=1

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