Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Humble Indie Android Bundle

The newest Humble Indie Bundle is out! This of course is a pay what you want for a couple of Indie games that are really good and supported across multiple platforms. World of Goo, Osmos, Edge, Anomoly! The main advantage for this Bundle is that all these games are available for Android Tablets and your Android Phone! And they can be bought for like 5$ all of them. Pay less and you don't get messy with Goo.

Some of these are old, like World of Goo came out years ago, but that's why it pays off to wait until games are cheaper right? Now is the time.

World Of Goo and Osmos were previously on older Humble Bundles, so if you missed those, you can buy now, or give it to someone else and feel less bad about pirating it. World of Goo, is famous for its 90% piracy rate, I'll admit some of that is partly my fault, but in my defense those people don't even play the game, I gave it to them because I though they would like it, but they didn't, It's a good game nevertheless no matter what.

The new ones (new to me) Edge: Seems like a block game that has to manuever a course and stay alive. Looks fun, will play today. Update I played and Here is a preview Video. 

 (Did I mention you could also play this on your phone?!)

Osmos is one I only have about 1 hour of playtime on it, it's ok, but not my type of game, too relaxing. But it's pretty!

And Anomoly, A reverse tower defense game, according to the box, never played it, I will get around to it one day. It also looks like a not-cheap game!

I would like to say much more in this blog post, but there is nothing much I can say about it that has not been said, except for Buy it now! Whatever you pay for it, I'm sure it's worth it, but please don't buy it for just a dollar, pay a little more and enjoy some good games.

Plus you get all the game's soundtracks for free! Edge Soundtrack seems to have a good techno sound to it. So that alone makes it worth it! Well for me since I like that kind of music.

So buy the game soon before the Humble Bundle ends! I got it in hopes that my gifted android phone can play at least one, poor old thing. Either way I'm saving those APKs in case I come into a tablet. And yes, there are many ways to get the games installed on your android device.  

Remember these games are DRM free, so it may be tempting to pirate these by sharing the links, but please don't. Do it the old fashioned way and face to face pirating.  Just kidding, don't do that either it's against the law I think. OK until next time! Stay Alive!